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The graphic prints on the following pages are available for purchase from Amazon. See links on bottom of each page. Poems with an *asterick in front of the title, I believe are in Public Domain and  written by a few favorite writers.

   ~ .... Spring brings us rainy weather, bright yellow tulips and cherry blossoms. It brings us hope.  ~ The Four Seasons~ Vannie Ryanes

I love to write. 

I did not always know this, however, I was always very much aware that I did love reading. One of the first books I borrowed from the library on my own was "Paintbox Summer" by Betty Cavanna.* I don't remember my age, but I do remember the book was quite old and I was able to keep it for a full month. That book put me in a spin; later I would hole-up for hours reading--I still do that. There have been times when I literally read from morning to night. But writing has caught me by surprise. I am not sure where it comes from, perhaps those notes that I habitually leave for myself have just become longer and more detailed. Or maybe if you are an avid reader, at some point you become a writer. I spent many years working for very structured organizations; a financial firm, a weekly newspaper and state government. My last 9 to 5 years were spent reading, typing and drafting contracts, I loved every minute, but...

I still read and I still write for business; now I write for pleasure as well. Could it be this Pisces child has fully emerged? Am I good at my pleasure writing? I don't know, but it does not really matter. Only the "why" is important. I do have an answer to the "why", I just enjoy doing it. 

So welcome to my pleasure writing page, welcome to my spirit home. You will find links to my business writing as well.

Vannie Ryanes


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BETTY CAVANNA Courtesy of Childrens Literature Network

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