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Jersey's Painted Lady


Thereís another side to this gaudy, garishly clad lady, dare we call her that? Donít believe it? Arise when the sun rises over the wide span of blue gray water.
Atlantic City one of the few places where you can find a homeless man begging for food at the entrance of a $1000 a night hotel - sorry, only high rollersí welcome.

Stand on the boardwalk at night and listen to the rush of the ocean, so vast, so dark.

The night pulls you toward the water, leads you to sand filled with rocks, empty crab shells and debris left by day tripping revelers. The smells of the City overwhelm you. Hot dogs, pizza, Chinese food, fudge. Itís the fudge that assails the senses, with a smell so rich, you can almost taste its smoothness.

Atlantic City, often said to be dressed like a shiny two-dollar hooker or when 'they' are being kind they call her the painted lady.

Make no mistake AC may be garish but she doesnít come cheap. And like the other ladies of the evening, she can show you a good time - if you have the money.

Bright lights, Ripleyís Believe It Or Not, small shabby mom and pop stores sharing space with opulent casinos, which are never silent;

ka-ching, nickel slots and hopeful playersí feeding the narrow-mouthed bandits just one more nickel, maybe this time theyíll get lucky and win the big one.

Sly winking lights beckoning to you. Will you walk away or will you succumb the roll of the dice, the lure and magic of ACís bright City lights? Itís your call.

But thereís another side to this gaudy, garishly clad lady, dare we call her that? A side that is often unseen and overlooked. Donít believe it? Well, arise when the sun rises over the wide span of blue gray water and its reflection is as bright as the sun itself.

Watch from a high point as the City shrouded in early morning misty fog, begins to clear and open its door to eagerly welcome you into its waiting arms. Marvel as the fog slowly begins to dissipate and makes its slow journey toward the surface of the water, gently kissing the waves awake.

Listen and watch as the seagulls call softly then shrilly, in search of food. They swoop down to snatch that one kernel of popped corn then soar upwards toward the open sky and over the ocean to savor its goodness.

Listen as the City comes alive.

This is the ladyís time of day and she awakens with a smile.

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