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Press Release 2007

For Immediate Release

Vannie Ryanes, Editor at BellaOnline Named to Editorial Board of Mused, New Literary Venture From BellaOnline

BellaOnline, a Web site dedicated to providing a voice for women, has launched Mused, a new venue for writers and artists. Vanette (Vannie) Ryanes, the editor of the Work & Family Site and Hot and Spicy [Foods] at is named to editorial board, fiction section of Mused.

"While winter conjures thoughts of dormancy, winter solstice heralds the lengthening of daylight and is actually the beginning of renewal. It is fitting that Mused launches on Winter Solstice 2007 to offer fertile ground for creative talents," said Lisa Shea, BellaOnline publisher.

According to Shea, "Mused, a new literary review, expands BellaOnline's mission to help aspiring writers of all ages, backgrounds, and interests to reach a larger audience."

BellaOnline is a network of more than 400 writers, primarily women, hosting sites on a variety of topics.  "This was a wonderful beginning for us," Shea says, "but we wanted to reach more people. When I read the biography of Clarina Nichols, an 1800s women's rights speaker, it reminded me that, not that long ago, women were dismissed as not being capable of speaking on issues. One of the things Clarina worked on was publishing women's prose and poetry."

A century later, Shea found there was still a dearth of venues for publishing her short stories. She laments that even a supportive community such as BellaOnline has had to turn away writers with wonderful ideas and interesting stories. That encouraged Shea to develop the BellaOnline Literary Review, a site that encourage writers and artists and promotes a wider audience for their works.

As with BellaOnline, the effort is based on volunteers and a community spirit. "Our volunteer editorial board shares a love of art and the written word; all are well-published and learned wordsmiths themselves," says Editor in Chief Jill Florio.

In keeping with the BellaOnline mission, the premier issue of Mused  showcases the work of women, and some men, on themes of empowerment, helping others, and appreciation for the environment captured through prose, verse, and art.

Says Florio, "We are exceedingly proud to show off the work of our fine contributors. Our cover image, by Deb Bonam, is a revealing mixed media artwork concerning women and empowerment...her Fury-like Sorcerer is yet another facet of the Muse that inspires. You can sense the epic tale unfolding ‘behind the scenes.'"

The contributors range from photographers, to doctorates in linguistics, to Phi Betta Kappa scholars, to great-grandmothers.

"Our written entries display short stories, poems, and essays chosen to both delight the mind and provide examples of each genre at their best," Florio says.

The site will be updated quarterly, on solstices and equinoxes.

Submissions to Mused are open to writers of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction as well as artists who create photography and visual artwork that can be represented in a two-dimensional magazine. For legal reasons, submissions must be authored by individuals who are 18 years or older.

BellaOnline provides an encouraging, supportive publishing community for women. It provides free training, support, and promotion so writers may reach their personal and business goals. BellaOnline aims to provide reliable, high-quality, helpful, trustworthy content, at no cost, in a low- advertisement environment for millions of visitors.

BellaOnline can be found on the web at or contact them via email at .

To contact Vannie Ryanes visit send your comment from the site.

National Association of Women Writers

Monday, May 08, 2006

Woman's Day Magazine and Scholastic: The ABC's of Creating a Children's Book

NAWW member, Vanette Ryanes, editor of the Work & Family site at, received an invitation to join Woman's Day and Scholastic for "The Next Bestseller: The ABC's of Creating a Children's Book". The event will be held Tuesday, May 9th at the Scholastic Auditorium in New York City.

Actor Whoopi Goldberg is special guest speaker and a panel discussion, "How to write and market a successful children's book." will be moderated by Inside Edition anchor Deborah Norville. Whoopi Goldberg and Deborah Norville have published children's books. Woman's Day and Scholastic is celebrating the launch of their 2006 "I Want to Be a Children's Book Writer" Contest and their five-part summer series on kids, books, and a love of reading. Vanette says she looks forward to attending this exciting event.



Contact: Vanette Ryanes
Spices Plus at Watkins 


For Immediate Release

Helping Women Do Business on the WEB…

South Orange, NJ, USA, September 1, 2006. Vanette Ryanes, Independent Associate for Watkins, has recently become a member of the Women’s ECommerce Association International – (pronounced wee-kī).

In addition to being in direct sales, Ms. Ryanes is the content editor of two sites at, Work & Family at and Hot and Spicy [foods] at There, Ryanes writes about work, home and family issues as well as shares recipes, food tips and food facts with readers. Additionally, she is the moderator of  "Home Business On a Shoe String" at member-based 

Ryanes says “I found while reading an online business magazine. I knew right away that it was just the kind of organization I had been looking for. It is specifically for women in ecommerce. I look forward to interacting with the professional women in this organization. I look forward to sharing and exchanging information with the folks at WECAI.  I am sure that WECAI will provide ideas and the opportunity to help me fulfill my goal."


The Women’s Ecommerce Association, International is an International Organization focusing on promoting, educating and advocating for women who do business on the web. According to Heidi Richards, Founder & CEO, “Our goal is to encourage women to do business worldwide, to help women become united through the mouse. The Board of Advisors and I are very excited that women all over the world have found WECAI and are joining!” The International board has big plans for They include creating the FIRST Women’s Who’s Who in Ecommerce Directory, starting chapters on all seven continents, designing an Ecommerce Academy for women to further their knowledge and experience, and an International Congress bringing women together from every corner of the globe.

For more information about Vanette Ryanes and her organization, contact her at or visit her ecommerce web site at

For more information about the Women’s Ecommerce Association International, visit You may also call Heidi Richards in the USA at 1-800-966-3336 or 011-954-981-5519

# # #

North American Office: 7100 Pembroke Road, Miramar, FL 33023 – 011-954-981-5515 European Office: Rua de Evora, Lote 24 - 5º Esq. Bairro do Alcaide 2755 -280 Cascais, Portugal +351 21 4763922


Contact: Victoria Simonovitch
Articles Editor
Telephone: (508)885-5499
Fax: (508)885-8922


July 2005

Vanette (Vannie) Ryanes joins Garden and Hearth Publishing as Contributing Editor of Going to the Movies with Vannie, A Look at Old and New Movies.

Garden and Hearth Publishing is pleased to announce the addition of Vannie Ryanes as contributing editor at The Open Hearth. Ms. Ryanes will be responsible for the creation of "Going to the Movies with Vannie" A Look at Old and New Movies, a new site within The Open Hearth. Ms. Ryanes will develop the film review site from the ground up. Along with the creation of informative reviews and articles concerning the film industry, Ryanes will establish and lead a strong community of readers with like interests. Her readers will be able to communicate with her through her Community Forum.

In addition to Ms. Ryanes' expertise on the subject of new films and classic films, she is a freelance writer, concentrating on work, home, family and cooking. Ryanes writes content for and is the editor of the Work and Family site, a popular column dedicated to home, work and family life. She is a book reviewer and was a final manuscript reader for Chicken Soup for the African American. Garden and Hearth Publishing's senior Editor Kim Simonovitch says, "Ms. Ryanes' (Vannie) direct and concise writing style made her the obvious choice over the other candidates for this position. We are expecting this community to grow quickly".

The Open Hearth, a community based network of micro sites across the web, is headquartered near Boston, MA. It is owned by Garden and Hearth Publishing a media group with several online properties catering to the interest of the growing number of women on the web. Garden and Hearth can be found at  You can find Vannie under "Movie Reviews".

For more information, please contact Articles Editor Victoria Simonovitch at (508)885-5499 or by e-mail at



March 2004

Vanette Ryanes Joins  Vanette Ryanes has signed an agreement with where she will be the host/editor of the Work & Family site at is an independently owned internet website that is growing in popularity. Although very young, it is fast becoming one of the leading “women’s sites” on the Internet.

As an online editor and content development manager for Work & Family site at, Ms. Ryanes will manage, maintain and provide articles and content for publication on the website. Her Work & Family site will provide family-friendly information pertaining to the work place, and family and home issues. In her capacity as editor Mrs. Ryanes will write articles, book reviews and in-depth online author interviews. Additionally she will offer ideas and commentary for starting your own home or small business, getting ahead in your career, taking care of a growing family and other relevant family issues. The site will have a free interactive forum for reader comments.

Ryanes is a freelance writer, home business coach and book reviewer. She presently works full-time as a senior contract assistant in the legal department at a health sciences university. Mrs. Ryanes is a volunteer member of the Chicken Soup Development Team. Two books will become part of the well-know “Chicken Soup” series by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. Chicken Soup for the African American Soul and Chicken Soup for the African American Woman’s Soul will be co-authored with Canfield and Hansen by Lisa Nichols. The target date for publication of both books is 2006.

For more information, please contact Vanette Ryanes please visit the Work & Family site and use the visitor contact e-mail form.

May 2003 

Chicken Soup for the African American Soul 

Vanette Ryanes, freelance writer and home business coach has joined the volunteer Chicken Soup Development Team.

Its goal is to bring awareness of the contribution of African Americans into the mainstream consciousness and to promote cultural understanding through sharing heartwarming and inspiring stories. This ambitious book project includes publishing two “Chicken Soup” books, Chicken Soup for the African American Soul and Chicken Soup for the African American Woman’s Soul. The team is headed by motivational speaker, Lisa Nichols, who will co-author the book with Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen the #1 New York Times and USA Today best-selling authors of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Chicken Soup for the African American Soul will be an inspiring celebration of the joy, challenges, and triumphs of being African American. Chicken Soup for the African American Woman's Soul will combine stories of legendary African American women as well as up and coming young African American women.

Ms. Ryanes been accepted as a final manuscript reader of the first book Chicken Soup for the African American Soul. She presently works full-time as senior contract assistant in the law department of a large health sciences university. In her capacity as a business coach she advises and guides home and small business entrepreneurs. As a freelance writer she has written and sold dozens of articles under her pen name.

To visit Chicken Soup for the African American site:

For more information contact: Vanette Ryanes by e-mail

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